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I will suggest not to take your patient to this hospital. The doctors are not professional they all are butcher waiting for patients to come so that they can cut their neck. Any patient goes to emergency will come back with the dead body. the doctors will force to put the patient on the ventilator so that they get more money. i recently had a very bad experience where my brother was admitted for minor problem and i had to bring back his dead body, the doctors are only doing experiments on patient. whenever you to see your patient they will ask you to deposit 50 thousand or they will stop giving medicine to patient. my suggest to everyone is that if you have extra money go the this hospital and dont expect proper treatment from doctors. once u leave the hospital make sure what they have charged you for. a person who is dead the doctor will say that there is still hope, they will charge for phsiotherapy when the patient is not able to move. They are looters from top to bottom, therefore avoid going to these butcher doctors.
My brother in law was admitted in emergency with a minor problem, God knows what these doctors did to him, he felt unconscious and they put him on ventilator without consulting the family members. they kept him for one week and said that he will recover, but we didnt see any movement from the patient. we told the doctor that there is ni improvement and the patient is dead they said no he will recover. that doctor was getting money for keeping the patient on ventilator, finally after a week when the family people told the doctor that we cannot afford keeping him on the ventilator he said this is a challenge for me, and i am sure he will recover, u dont have to pay, we said ok but he couldnt survive. When we went to take the body from hospital they refused to give the body, they wanted us to pay 1 lac 70 thousand. we told them what the doctor said they called the doctor he was not answering his mobile later he responded saying that he didnt say that we dont have to pay. Dont trust the doctors and staff in this hospital. it is not a hospital it is a money making organisation.