Termite Treatment / Abbas Fumigation

Price: 3,000
Termite Control Methods;
Termite control mainly has two methods which are used world-wide.

1. Pre-Construction
2. Post-Construction

Pre Construction;
In Pre – construction method the fumigant is sprayed before the construction of house or Building, as the name explains Pre – construction, In which big quantity of chemical throw down on the base of Construction Area.

Post Construction;
The entire premises is completely monitored to identify areas of work. Drilling points are then defined and marked. Boring through drills is carried out on the marked points. Bores are drilled after every 4 feet distance, covering all concrete walls. 3 liters of diluted chemical is then penetrated in every bore. Once all bores are entirely penetrated with medicine they are then filled with cement matching the color of your floor. After this procedure all your infested wooden areas are applied with termite spray medicine.

We will issue warranty of Five (5) Years on our letter head, if you get problem under warranty inform us, complaint will be solved without any extra / hidden charges
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