Water Tank Cleaning Service / Abbas Fumigation

Price: 2,500
Water tank cleaning method;
Our team will wipe off the microbes and germs completely. And all of the dirt and bacteria are stay hidden in areas at height or the edges and corners, We are fully equipped with the updated machinery and equipment and are well versed to engage for operation, most effective techniques, insecticides / germicide / disinfectant and chemicals. The bellow few stage of cleaning process has been developed through research and development to arrive at a foolproof process that involves through state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary antibacterial agents that are safe, effective and Eco-friendly.
• Dewatering.
• Solution of Sodium hypo-chlorite (chlorine), Per magnate hydro oxide (potassium), will be thrown on the walls of tank as the stuck dust (fungi, algae) will be loose.
• The walls will be rubbed with brush.
• The whole floor will be cleaned by the fresh water.
• Left the tank for one to let it dry.

Life tank is depend on your water quality, but the best way is to inspect or clean your water 1 time in a year…
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