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Sara Khan
What wonderful people to deal with especially considering within Pakistan. Their owners make sure that each customer get all the information needed. Reasonable prices compared to the market and quality is remarkable.
Just had the worst food delivery experience ever !! Ordered two deals from California Pizza today (order id 41151). The customer service guy gave me a deadline of 60 minutes (30 mins over their normal delivery time). However, since it being a busy night, I accepted it.

After 70 minutes (note the 10 extra minutes) a California pizza delivery guys arrives at my doorstep with HALF THE ORDER !!! He had brought one deal instead of two !!! Kept calling their branch but there was no proper reply. Hence, no pizza :(

Now comes the fun part - after 20 minutes (when we all had something else to eat) the branch manager calls me to tell me my order is ready !! He actually had the audacity to ask me that !! No apology from California Pizza about my order which means my money means nothing to them or even the decency to apologize for my order being late. This was not the first time my order was late or incorrect and previously I had let it go.

I am extremely disappointed with their service and would not recommend anyone to use either of their branches for any kind of deliveries. Apparently they can't handle the stress so let's not give them any by ordering from them.
Faisal Majeed
They are best consultancy service provider in Pakistan. They offer architectural structural and planning services under one roof.
Definitely would recommend.