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Times Agriculture

Times Agriculture, Bangla Gogera, Okara, Punjab 56300, Okara
Times Agriculture is the ultimate resource for farmers worldwide, providing up-to-date information on farmers' issues, agriculture practices, and the latest advances in agricultural technology. Our mi...


Chowk Depalpur,G.T. Road, Okara

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Pakistani economy and is the backbone of the rural population. It contributes around 21.4% to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Pakistan and employs approximately 44.2% of the total labour force. Pakistan is an agrarian country, with around 72% of its population directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world and is the seventh largest producer of wheat. It is also the eighth largest producer of rice and the tenth largest producer of maize in the world. Other important crops grown in Pakistan include sugarcane, pulses, oilseeds, and fruits. Livestock is also an important part of the agricultural sector in Pakistan and contributes around 10.7% of the total agricultural output.

Agricultural production in Pakistan has been increasing over the years due to improved technology, better seeds, and more efficient irrigation systems. The government has also taken several initiatives to promote agricultural growth. These include the provision of subsidies and incentives, investment in agricultural research and development, and the provision of credit facilities to farmers.

In conclusion, the agricultural sector in Pakistan is vital for the country's economic development and for the livelihood of millions of people. It is essential that the government continues to take steps to promote agricultural growth and productivity in order to ensure food security and to reduce poverty.